Drink responsibly - we'll help you get home safely!

Central Ohio Safe Ride taxi voucher program

Impaired driving is one of America’s deadliest crimes. It’s not just a problem nationally; it is also a great concern here in Central Ohio.

Statistics show that most fatal and injury traffic related crashes in our community occur during the evening, on weekends and around holidays. This is directly related to more impaired drivers on the road. The decision to operate a vehicle when impaired can quickly turn a fun outing or special celebration into a time of tragedy. During 2012, 38 people died and 559 were injured in Franklin County in alcohol-related crashes. Those crashes represent 44% of the deaths in Franklin County due to a motor vehicle crash. (Ohio Department of Public Safety Crash Statistics)

To address this problem the Central Ohio Safe Ride Advisory Council partnered with local pubs and restaurants to create the Safe Ride taxi voucher program – keeping impaired drivers off the road by providing them with a safe ride home.

How It Works

Safe Ride vouchers are worth $10.00 toward a taxi ride home. Establishments purchase vouchers and distribute them to their patrons who have been drinking and should not get behind the wheel. Patrons can then use the vouchers as cash with any Taxi Company Participating in the Safe Ride program. Establishments can distribute vouchers all year-round or reserve them for special occasions.

Front of the Voucher                                                     Back of the Voucher   Safe Ride Voucher Front 2014                   Safe Ride Back 2014

Benefits of Participating in the Program

  • Opportunity to help protect the safety of the Central Ohio community by ensuring patrons do not leave your establishment impaired.
  • Community recognition as responsible server
  • Vouchers provide a polite way to refuse the sale of alcohol to visually intoxicated persons, as required by Ohio Revised Code. ORC 4301.22(B)

Find out more about joining Safe Ride.